A little tip on how to improve your experience in your Oracle APEX Workspace; use shortcuts!

There are 2 ways to see the shortcuts in the Builder; use help – shortcuts in your page designer or through keyboard, by pressing Alt + Shift + F1. (The popup with shortcuts will only appear in places it can be used)


My all-time favorite shortcut is the Ctrl+” (Control + Quote) this opens the spotlight search. This is easy, but also here you can navigate through your workspace easily.


If you want to go to another page, you can enter the page here and go immediate to this page.


If you want to go to a page in another application, you can simply enter this format and you will go to the other application and page.


Go to the shared components of the app specified.


Ofcourse you can search for anything else here to. You can use Ctrl + 1 to search your workspace, Ctrl + 4 for current page, and of course all applications or the current app.

But if you want to go to the themes of your current app you can also state “Themes” and you can go directly to the themes of your current application. You can do this for a whole lot of places! This will spare you a couple of clicks a day ;).


There are a couple of options to navigate through your Application builder also. If you open the shortcuts pop-up you will see a lot of possibilities;

One important note; you first need to press Ctrl + / and wait until you see this at the bottom.

Then you can continue to enter your command. i.e. Create Page you will first enter Ctrl + / and then type C and P. And the popup to create a new page will appear!

Do you know any other shortcuts? Please share!!