Who am I?

I am Yvonne Bakx – van Dorst. Long story short, I am a Oracle Consultant and formost, a mom and wife. Next to this I am a boardmember of the nlOUG and I contribute to the Women in APEX platform.

In 2010 I started working with Oracle APEX, well… to be honest.. In 2010 I started working with HTML DB. Luckily we soon got an upgrade to Oracle APEX 4. I realised I loved everything about APEX and wanted to learn more. And after 3,5 years I switched jobs to become a consultant.

Now, over 10 years later I am a Co Founder at Oritech and a Oracle APEX Architect, developer and consultant for cliënts.

Before this time I was a programmer / consultant for so many projects and companies and have taught internally and an Oracle APEX class at Hogeschool Utrecht for a couple of semesters, I spoke 4 times at APEX World and also gave a Student Track twice at APEX World.

I like to help others improve their knowledge and learn about Oracle while they learn.